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Occupational Risk Assessment

Code 16169
Year 1
Semester L0
ECTS Credits 4
Workload T(20H)/TP(20H)
Scientific area Engenharia e Gestão Industrial
Entry requirements N.A.
Learning outcomes Understand the importance of a risk assessment process.
Determine hazards, assess risks and rank their significance.
Identify different risk assessment methodologies.
Understand practical risk assessment techniques.
Implement and implement practical and multidisciplinary risk assessment processes.
Recognise specific criteria for risk determination (e.g. concentration limits).
Syllabus Concepts and terminology relating to the risk assessment process
Risk assessment methodologies (by sector of activity, by type of risk, by profession, by work material component, etc.)
Methodologies and techniques for evaluating potential risks at the design stage
Methodologies and techniques for identifying hazards (direct observation, interviews, worker consultation, specialised technical information, lists of raw materials, intermediate products, by-products, waste and end products, labelling and safety data sheets for chemical products, lists of absenteeism, occupational illnesses and accidents at work, investigation of accidents, incidents and failures)
Quantitative and qualitative techniques of risk estimationInductive and deductive analysis techniques
Criteria and reference values contemplated namely in legislation, standardisation, codes of good practice applicable to occupational risks (TLV and others)
Main Bibliography Occupational Safety and Health: Risk Assessment and Control (2nd Reprint of the 2nd Edition 2004 (2006)) by Manuel M. Roxo
ISO 45001
HSE and NIOSH Guidelines
National and EU legislation.
Language Portuguese. Tutorial support is available in English.
Last updated on: 2023-01-23

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