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Accomodation and travel

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How to get to Covilhã?

The main airports of mainland Portugal are located in the cities of Lisbon and Porto, both at about 250 km from Covilhã. The connection of these cities to Covilhã can be made by car, train or bus. Please review the information below:

From Lisbon

  • Travelling by bus is a good way for those who want a fast journey done by public transportation. For a usual 3h20m tryp, you can find prices from +4.99€ between Lisbon (Sete Rios) to Covilhã. Different companies support this itinerary like Rede Expressos or Flixbus. Make sure to let them know your age and that you are a Higher Education student. A youth fare and/or HEI student might be applied.

As soon as you get to Lisbon Airport, you will need to catch the Metro (red line - Direction São Sebastião) to the station São Sebastião. At the Station São Sebastião, change to the blue line (Direction Reboleira) and go to the Station Jardim Zoológico. At Jardim Zoológico, you will need to walk to Sete Rios Bus Terminal Station (3 minutes’ walk). You will have the ticket operators and the bus you will take the bus to Covilhã (Direction Guarda). The journey will take around 3h10m.

  • By travelling by train, you will be able to see the beautiful sceneries of Portugal. You can buy a ticket so that you have room to work on your laptop, WC is available, and if you are taking the Intercidades train (intercities train), you have a snack-bar available to eat and drink something on your way to Covilhã. This 3h30m tryp can cost as low as 10€ from Lisbon (Oriente) to Covilhã. Youth and other discounts can apply.

As soon as you get to Lisbon Airport, you need to catch the Metro (red line - Direction São Sebastião) to the station Oriente. At Oriente train platform, you will take the train to Covilhã (Direction Covilhã). For more information about timetables please visit CP- Comboios de Portugal’s website.

From Porto

  • By Bus. The bus is the only public transportation from Porto to Covilhã. The tryp costs 11,98€ with Flixbus (depart from Porto Airport) and 17,50€ with Rede Expressos (depart from Campanhã). If you need to go to the Bus Terminal Station at Campanhã, as soon you get to the airport, you need to catch the Metro (Direction Estádio do Dragão, purple line). At the Bus Terminal Station at Campanhã, you will take the bus to Covilhã (Direction Covilhã). The journey will take around 3h40m.

From Madrid, Spain

  • If you wish to travel to Covilhã (Portugal) from Madrid (Spain), you can do it. Using Flixbus, your bus ticket can be +17,98€ for a 7h30m trip or Alsa for 37€ for 8h20m.


In Covilhã

Transport centre
Phone: 275 313 ​​506

Praça do Munícipio
6200-151 Covilhã
Phone: 275 323 653

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