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Lab Workshop + Conference + Brokerage Event + Mine Site Visit


11th December 2019


Hall of Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

14h00-14h30: Registration

Opening Session

Laboratory of Technology and Mechanical Testing (Room 9/43) - Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture



Wastes and CO2 are promising raw materials to be used as cementitious materials


João Castro Gomes

Lab Workshop

Laboratory of Technology and Mechanical Testing (Room 9/43) - Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

15h00-17h30: Laboratory workshop on Accelerated Carbonation and Alkali Activation - João Castro Gomes, Erick Soares, Abdelhakim Benhamouda, Imed Beghoura, Naim Sedira


18:00: Urban Art Tour

Guided tour to WOOL Urban Art of Covilhã, organized by Formas Efémeras

19:00: Welcome event

Networking with Portuguese beers tasting, snacks and refreshments, at North Walls pub.


12th December 2019

Room 8.1 - Faculty of Engineering



Session 1 – Chair Szymon Dawczyński


Influence of the kaolinite calcination conditions on the compressive strength of geopolymer


Carolina Freire, Bruno Santos, Isabella Miranda, and Fernando Lameiras



Development of the strength of the fluidized bed combustion fly ash based geopolymer in time


Natalia Paszek, and Marcin Górski



Thermal treatment on MSWI bottom ash for the utilisation in alkali activated materials


Boyu Chen, Marc Brito van Zijl, Arno Keulen and Guang Ye



Use of industrial waste for the optimization of ceramic construction materials


Carlos Galhano and Pedro Lamas and Diogo Seixas


Effect of curing temperature in the alkali-activated brick waste and glass powder mortar and their influence on mechanical resistances


Zine El Abidine Rahmouni, Nadia Tebbal, Imen Yamina Omri



Low temperature glass sintering based on silico sodium resins


María Paz Sáez-Pérez, Alberto Martínez-Ramírez, Jorge Alberto Durán-Suárez and María Ângeles Villegas-Broncano


10:30-11:00: Coffee break

Session 2 - Chair Pernille Erland Jensen


Characterisation of the pore structure and compressive strength of the binary tungsten mining waste-based alkali-activated binder


Naim Sedira and João Castro Gomes



Mechanical Properties of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Composites


Kinga Korniejenko, Gábor Mucsi, Nóra Papné Halyag2, Roland Szabó, Dariusz Mierzwiński, and Petr Louda



Preliminary study of the rheological and mechanical properties of alkali-activated concrete based on tungsten mining waste mud


Abdelhakim Benhamouda and João Castro-Gomes



Modification of AA binder matrix with the use of PP fibres – strength investigations


Szymon Dawczyński, and Anna Stokłosa



Experimental Investigation on the Properties of a Recycled Aggregate Concrete on Based on Waste of the Industrial Mineral Additions


Larbi Belagraa, Oussama Kessal, Abderrachid Boulaouad, Med Cherif Mecheri, Ammar Noui,and Bouzid Abderrazak



Development of alkali-activated foamed lightweight mortar tungsten mining waste mud-based incorporating expanded cork


Imed Beghoura, João Castro-Gomes


12:30-14:00: Lunch

Session 3 - Chair Jorge Durán Suarez


The use of iron ore tailings in the Iron Quadrangle of Minas Gerais, Brazil


Moacyr Rodrigues, Lilian Lima, Glaucia Duarte, Carolina Freire, and Fernando Lameiras



Study of the effect of waste glass fibers incorporation on the collapsible soil stability behavior


Nassima bakir, Khelifa Abbeche, Gérard Panczer, and Larbi Belagraa



Marble quarry waste rock piles and evaluation of their reprocessing potential for lime and cement production (Marble Zone, Alentejo, Portugal)


Paulo Sá Caetano, Tatiana Ribeiro, Carlos Costa and Daniel Vendas



Applying Chemometrics to evaluate mine tailings’ potential as partial cement replacement


Anne Mette T. Simonsen, Kristine B. Pedersen, and Pernille E. Jensen



Electroremediation and deep eutectic solvents to enhance pozzolanic reactivity of mining residues


Joana Almeida, António Santos Silva, Paulina Faria and Alexandra Ribeiro



Study of the leaching alterability in Soxhlet Extractor of ceramic materials with incorporation of ashes resulting from the incineration of urban solid waste


Carlos Galhano and João Elias


15:30-16:00: Coffee break

Session 4 – Chair Fernando Lameiras


Microstructure features of ternary alkali-activated binder based on tungsten mining waste, slag and metakaolin


Naim Sedira, João Castro Gomes and Manuel Magrinho



Influence of early oven curing on the alkali activated binders with reactive magnesia replacement


Shaoqin Ruan, Gediminas Kastiukas, Shuang Liang, and Xiangming Zhou



Preliminary study on the influence of the pre-drying stage and water immersion cycles on carbonation curing of a magnesium oxide-rich powder and of magnesium oxide-rich powder blended with tungsten mining waste mud


Erick Grünhäuser Soares, João Castro-Gomes


Session 5 – REMINE project results and Conclusions


Valorization of mining wastes into technical-artistically applications


João Castro Gomes, Jorge Durán Suarez and Szymon Dawczyński, Nuno Estrada and José Moita


Closing remarks – José Carlos Páscoa - UBI’s Vice-Rector for Research and Projects


Brokerage Event

Hall of Faculty of Engineering/Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture


17h30-19h00: Brokerage event: companies/industry, academics and public entities

Poster, demonstration and prototypes exposition

Portuguese wine tasting by Quinta dos Termos, and refreshments


20:00: Conference Dinner

Montiel restaurant, Covilhã city centre


13th December 2019


Mine Site Visit

Technical visit to Panasqueira Mine site


9h30: Departure by Bus from Engineering Faculty to São Jorge da Beira Village

Travelling by Bus is supported by the Covilhã Council


10h45-11h30: Presentation of Panasqueira mining activities

Manuel Pacheco from Beralt Tin and Wofran (Portugal) SA.           

11h30-12:30: Visit to Panasqueira mine site and mining waste deposits


12:30-14:00: Lunch

Typical portuguese lunch at Gasómetro restaurant, São Jorge da Beira Village


Event Closing

14:00: Return to Covilhã

15:00: Event closing and farewell



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