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Adriana Oliveira dos Santos

Professor/a Auxiliar

Sector — Cargos/Funções

Departamento de Ciências Médicas Docente do Departamento de Ciências Médicas

CICS - Centro de Investigação em Ciências da Saúde Investigador/a

Publicações Científicas Mais Recentes

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    Artigo em revista/Journal article

    1. Guedes, Romina A.; Grilo, Jorge H.; Carvalho, Andreia N.; Fernandes, Pedro M. P.; Ressurreição, Ana S.; Brito, Vanessa; SANTOS, ADRIANA O.; et al. Autor correspondente: Guedes, Rita C. "New Scaffolds of Proteasome Inhibitors: Boosting Anticancer Potential by Exploiting the Synergy of In Silico and In Vitro Methodologies". Pharmaceuticals (2023) url
    2. Lima, Eurico; Barroso, Andreia G.; Ferreira, Octávio; Boto, Renato E.; Fernandes, José R.; Almeida, Paulo; Silvestre, Samuel M.; SANTOS, ADRIANA O.; Reis, Lucinda V. Autor correspondente: SANTOS, ADRIANA O. "Benz[e]indole-bearing aminosquaraine dyes: Which of the amines introduced into the squaric ring will be able to induce the best in vitro photodynamic effect?". Dyes and Pigments (2023) url
    3. Matias, Mariana; SANTOS, ADRIANA O.; Silvestre, Samuel; Alves, Gilberto. Autor correspondente: Alves, Gilberto. "Fighting Epilepsy with Nanomedicines - Is This the Right Weapon?". Pharmaceutics (2023) url
    4. Meirinho, Sara; Rodrigues, Márcio; SANTOS, ADRIANA O.; Falcão, Amílcar; Alves, Gilberto. Autor correspondente: Alves, Gilberto. "Intranasal Microemulsion as an Innovative and Promising Alternative to the Oral Route in Improving Stiripentol Brain Targeting". Pharmaceutics (2023) url
    5. Meirinho, Sara; Rodrigues, Márcio; SANTOS, ADRIANA O.; Falcão, Amílcar; Alves, Gilberto. Autor correspondente: Alves, Gilberto. "Nose-to-brain delivery of perampanel formulated in a self-microemulsifying drug delivery system improves anticonvulsant and anxiolytic activity in mice". International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2023) url

    Capítulo de livro/Book chapter

    1. Melo, Dora; Patrícia C. Pires; Santos, Adriana O. Autor Correspondente: Santos, Adriana O. "Intranasal administration of antiseizure drugs". In Drug Delivery Devices and Therapeutic Systems: Elsevier, 2020.
    2. Santos, Adriana; Moreira, J.N.; Bimbo, L.M.; Gomes Da Silva, L; Pedrososo De Lima, M. C.; Simões, S. "Gene silencing therapy in small cell lung cancer - which agents, targets, and delivery systems?". In In Small-Cell Carcinomas: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment editado por Jonathon G. Maldonado; Mikayla K. Cervantes, 1-50: Nova Science, 2009.


      Número: PCT/IB2022/05538
      Proprietário: University of Beira Interior
      Estado: Pendente
      Data de Emissão: 2022-12-15

    Nota Biográfica

    (Informação importada da plataforma CiênciaVitae)
    Adriana O. Santos holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2003) and a Ph.D. in Pharmacy (2009), specializing in Pharmaceutical Technology, from the University of Coimbra. Her doctoral thesis focused on targeted liposomes of siRNA for the treatment of small cell lung cancer. Adriana was a postdoctoral researcher at Institut Curie in Paris (2009-2012), where she studied the intracellular signaling of Ral and RalGEFs in lung cancer cells. Since 2012, Adriana has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Beira Interior in the Department of Medical Sciences and a researcher at CICS-UBI. Since 2015, she participated in the scientific and pedagogical coordination committees of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Integrated Masters degree and was recently appointed as the mobility coordinator for the same course. She also coordinates the research group "Drug Discovery, Development, and Safety" (3DS) at CICS-UBI and is a member of its executive committee. Adriana supervised a Ph.D. thesis in Pharmaceutical Sciences (March 2021), co-supervised 42 master''s dissertations, and supervised 6 undergraduate projects. Her recent research has focused on intranasal drug delivery for action in the brain. She is a (co)author of 40 full articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, with 25 published in the last 5 years (2019-2023). She has also authored 2 book chapters and contributed to over 57 communications in scientific meetings. She is listed as an inventor on a pending international patent. Adriana was the principal investigator of a project awarded the "CICS-UBI Collaborative Project Awards" in 2021 titled "Intranasal Delivery of Simvastatin in Stroke" and a proof-of-concept research project (PO Centro) titled " Segesterone Acetate Innovative Nanoemulsion" (SAIN). She has participated in 5 doctoral examination boards, 3 times as an examiner and 2 as a committee member, and in scientific committees of international meetings.

    Projectos e Financiamentos

    (Informação importada da plataforma CiênciaVitae)


    Segesterone Acetate Innovative Nanoemulsion (SAIN) CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-181231 (Em curso)
    CovidOUT - Spray to reduce the nasal transmiayion of coronavirus CENTRO-01-02B7-FEDER-069358 (Concluído)
    ICON - Interdisciplinary Challenges On Neurodegeneration CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-000013 (Concluído)
    Small-molecule inhibitors of human proteasome: a step forward in anticancer drug discovery PTDC/QEQ-MED/7042/2014 (Concluído)
    Deciphering the networks leading to the activation of the Ral GTPases in human lung cancers, dependently or not on Ras RS12/75-62



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