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Olga Maria Marques Lourenço

Professor/a Auxiliar

Sector — Cargos/Funções

Departamento de Ciências Médicas Docente do Departamento de Ciências Médicas

CICS - Centro de Investigação em Ciências da Saúde Investigador/a

Publicações Científicas Mais Recentes

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    Artigo em revista/Journal article

    1. António Cabral Lopes; Fátima Roque; Olga Lourenço; Maria Teresa Herdeiro; Manuel Morgado. "Gastrointestinal disorders potentially associated with Semaglutide: an analysis from the Eudravigilance Database". Expert Opinion on Drug Safety (2023) url
    2. António Cabral Lopes; Olga Lourenço; Fátima Roque; Manuel Morgado. "Clinical and Pharmacotherapeutic Profile of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Admitted to a Hospital Emergency Department". Biomedicines (2023) url
    3. Miguel Tomé; Olga Lourenço. "Avoidance Measures for Patients with Allergic Rhinitis: A Scoping Review". Children (2023) url
    4. Olga Lourenço; Cvetkovski B; Kritikos V; House R; Sophie Scheire; Costa EM; Fonseca JA; et al. "Management of allergic rhinitis symptoms in the pharmacy Pocket guide 2022.". Clinical and translational allergy (2022) url
    5. André Vicente; Beatriz Mónico; Mónica Lourenço; Olga Lourenço. "Dose Administration Aid Service in Community Pharmacies: Characterization and Impact Assessment". Pharmacy (2021) url

    Nota Biográfica

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    Olga Lourenço is a dedicated academic and researcher in the field of clinical immunology. She has a PharmD from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Coimbra. Her passion for understanding the intricacies of immunological responses led her to earn a master''s degree in Clinical Immunology from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Beira Interior in 2004. With a profound interest in non-communicable respiratory diseases, Olga pursued and successfully obtained a Ph.D. in Biomedicine from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Beira Interior in 2008. She is an integrated member of the Health Sciences Research Centre at the University of Beira Interior (CICS-UBI), contributing significantly to the field of clinical immunology. Beyond her academic pursuits, Olga is actively involved in various professional and allergy-related organizations, reflecting her commitment to advancing medical knowledge and patient care. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Beira Interior, Olga Lourenço is deeply engaged in academic and research activities. Her contributions extend to several vital committees and roles within the academic community, including membership in the Teaching and Training Committee (CEF) of the Centro Académico Clínico das Beiras. She is also an active participant in the Integrated Master''s Course Committee in Pharmaceutical Sciences and is a member of the General Council at the University of Beira Interior. Her remarkable journey includes being the former vice president for Management and Teaching at the Faculty of Health Sciences and the past Course Director of the Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the same institution. A prolific author, Olga has published over fifty full papers in specialized journals and has contributed to the knowledge in her field with three book chapters. Her expertise is further demonstrated through her supervisory role, having guided forty-two master''s dissertations. Engaged as an Investigator, she has made valuable contributions to various research projects. Olga''s research endeavors revolve around the immunopathology and epidemiology of non-communicable respiratory diseases, with a particular focus on conditions such as rhinitis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She also extends her expertise to exploring inflammatory biomarkers in diverse contexts, including recent investigations in neurodegeneration and exercise. Through her extensive academic contributions and unwavering dedication to advancing clinical immunology, Olga Lourenço continues to make a profound impact on both research and education in her field.

    Distinções e Prémios

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    1999Sociedade Farmacêutica Lusitana - Ordem dos Farmaceuticos, Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

    Projectos e Financiamentos

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    Phenotypic and functional aspects of CD8+ T cells in atopy SFRH/BD/16448/2004 (Concluído)


    ICON - Interdisciplinary Challenges on Neurodegeneration  CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-000013
    Valorização das estâncias termais da região centro CENTRO_04-3928-FEDER-000010-PROVERE (Concluído)
    Hormonal and inflammatory basis of aged-related diseases CENTRO-07-ST24_FEDER-002015 (Concluído)



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