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 3rd Cycle Degree     Departamento de Sociologia [Portuguese]

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Study plan   Sociology


Rótulo Texto
DGES code
CNAEF classification 312 | Decree no. 256/2005 [PT]
Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette Order no. 14071/2015 - DR 2nd series, no. 234, 30 November [PT]
Assessment/Accreditation/Registration A3ES Accreditation, 17-11-2021
Self-assessment Report
Initial registry: R/A-Ef 1296/2011 de 18-03-2011
Changes registry: R/A-Ef 1296/2011/AL01 de 29-09-2015
ECTS 180

General Access Regime  

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Admission Requirements
Vacancies 15 (2024)


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Profile of the programme 1) Provide students with a deep and critical knowledge of the theories and methodological procedures of Sociology;
2) To promote research autonomy;
3) Provide students with an integrated and interdisciplinary overview of social phenomena.
Key learning outcomes At the end of the course, students should know to:
1) formulate a sociological problem and justify it as an object of study;
2) choose the appropriate methodological pathways and apply them;
3) contextualize the study subject in interdisciplinar point of view.
Occupational profiles of graduates The 3rd. Cycle in Sociology provides advanced skills to students and prepares them for a professional career in university and polytechnic higher education, research centers, as well as technicians in the public and private sectors. To the doctoral students already inserted in the job market, the 3º. Cycle in Sociology allows the acquisition of competences for their personal and professional valuation.
Learning facilities - Libraries: Central Library, Library of Social and Human Sciences and the European Documentation Center.
- Online library: databases; electronic journals, namely from Oxford University Press, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, ISI Proceedings; electronic journals that are not signed by the SD; links of interest to the various research areas; dissemination of available information.
- Computer centers: classrooms and other spaces equipped with terminals and PCs with connection to the web network and with software. The University has wireless network. Moodle Platform, Online Services.
Requirements and regulations (assessment and graduation) UBI Regulations [PT]

Course Regulation

Erasmus+ Agreements

Erasmus Agreements
  • Université Savoie Mont Blanc • França • Duration: S
  • Université de Pau et Des Pays de l'Adour • França • Duration: S
  • Universitá degli Studi di Torino • Itália • Duration: A
  • Vilnius University • Lituânia • Duration: S
  • Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University • Turquia • Duration: S
  • Aydin Adnan Menderes University • Turquia • Duration: S
  • Dicle University • Turquia • Duration: S

Departamento de Sociologia

Estrada do Sineiro, 6200-209 Covilhã

Course Coordinator(s)

 [Ficheiro Local]
Course Director
Alcides a. Monteiro
 [Ficheiro Local]
Mobility coordinator
Nuno André Amaral Jerónimo


Scientific Committee
Alcides Almeida Monteiro
Maria João Leitão Simões Areias Pereira
Amélia Maria Cavaca Augusto
Nuno Miguel Cavaca Augusto
Catarina Sales Barbas Oliveira
Nuno André Amaral jerónimo

Recognition Committee
Alcides Almeida Monteiro
Maria João Leitão Simões Areias Pereira
Nuno André Amaral Jerónimo
Amélia Maria Cavaca Augusto
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