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FibEnTech 2021

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1st International FibEnTech Congress

New opportunities for fibrous materials in the ecological transition

University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal

9 to 10 of December of 2021


Call for papers


The University of Beira Interior welcomes the 1st International FibEnTech Congress (FibEnTech2021) from 9 to 10 of December of 2021.

Nowadays, the industry is turning to production models that still consider the economic growth, but considering the consumption of limited natural resources, the valorisation of waters and wastes, the life-cycle assessment of products and technologies, and reconsidering the production process, industrial design and consumption patterns. Therefore, the initiatives try to fulfil the zero-pollution ambition under the European Green Deal, as well as the EU’s policies on energy, climate, and the circular economy.

Pulp and paper and textile sectors have been adapting to environmental legislation and regulations and have been developing innovative products and technologies using more clean technologies, recycling water and wastes, reducing carbon emissions and environmental footprint in the direction of the ecological transition. The transition to a circular economy will also bring to these sectors progress and innovation that reconcile the environment and the economy.

The FibEnTech2021 congress aims to provide an international forum for exchanging experiences and presenting the latest achievements in the development of innovative environmentally sound technologies and fibrous materials within the ecological transition and sustainable development. The event will allow building up valuable networks for further cooperation between partners from industry and academia and make new contacts for further work.


Participants can present works in the following topics:

- Innovative and smart cellulose-based materials;

- Functionalization of textile and cellulosic materials;

- Smart textile-based materials;

- Production of biomaterials from nanofibers;

- Development of innovative technologies for the engineering of fabrics and knits;

- Water reuse and waste valorisation;

- Nutrient, biomass and energy recovery in wastewater treatment processes;

- Eco-design for fibrous materials;


We are looking forward to your participation in the FibEnTech2021 congress!


The FibEnTech2021 congress has the support of the project UIDB/00195/2020, funded by the Fundação para a Ciencia e Tecnologia (FCT). 

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