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C-MAST | Center for Mechanical and Aerospace Science and Technologies  

Historically, the research unit “C-MAST – Centre for Aerospace Science and Technologies” ( was created in 1994  by a small group of aerospace engineers.

Now we became a Reasearch Center developing studies in Energy, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a wide spectrum of areas, from Astrodynamics to Technological Forecasting.

We are involved in high-level international collaboration, scientific networks, and prestigious professional societies, also aiming to intensify and promote investigation and collaboration with the industry in these domains in Portugal, to improve the quality of teaching/learning in the involved institutions, to qualify high-level specialists, and to develop outreach activities.

With these goals in view, the activities of the Centre are multidisciplinary and combine scientific, technological, economic and social aspects. The Centre research and development activities can be grouped within five main multidisciplinary thematic areas:

• Dynamics and Control of Space Systems (DyCoSS)

• Aeronautical Materials and Structures (AeroMaS)

• Energetic systems (SiNerge)

• Technological Forecasting and Industrial Management (TeFIM)

CAST identifies its objectives as

• Consolidation, intensification and internationalization of research in its activity areas;

• Contribution to national and regional capacity of industrial development and technology transfer;

• Training and qualification of researchers on post-graduate and post-doctoral level and initiation of graduate students in scientific research in the activity areas;

• Promotion of the scientific culture in academic environment and to general public.

Scientific Coordinator: Paulo Jorge dos Santos Pimentel de Oliveira
Rua Marquês d’Ávila e Bolama
6201-001 Covilhã
Phone +351 275 319 700


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