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C-MADE | Centre of Materials and Building Technologies  
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Research Unit Description

The CMADE is a research unit formed by two Portuguese universities with a well-known reputation for its welcoming environment that promotes learning-research: The University of Beira Interior (UBI) and the University of Trás- os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD).

The research unit carries out scientific and technological activities and dissemination actions, with the involvement of national and foreign researchers, fostering collaborative innovation and knowledge transfer, particularly with industry.

C-MADE’s mission is to promote excellence in science and contribute to new developments in civil engineering and related areas, including sustainable materials and binders, mechanical behaviour and durability, energy efficiency and environment, resource efficiency and raw materials.


Strategic aims

  • Develop a research and innovation agenda focused on sustainable construction, climate change mitigation and development of eco-materials.
  • To attract young researchers, empowering the Portuguese Interior for its science-based development and contributing to creating highly qualified scientific jobs;
  • Consolidate a cluster of knowledge of excellence of the research and innovation agenda developed at C-MADE.


Highlights of achievements

  • Environmentally sustainable technologies for mining and industrial waste up-cycling;
  • Technologies for eco-materials production with co-utilisation of waste and carbon dioxide;
  • Patents (e.g. ECO2BLOCKS/GEOGREEN) for sustainable and energy-efficient construction;
  • Hydrodynamic models of transport processes in watercourses (e.g. ash from forest fires);
  • Numerical optimisation of models for the design of structural members and components.



Scientific Coordinator: João Paulo de Castro Gomes

Calçada Fonte do Lameiro
6201-001 Covilhã
Phone +351 275 329 726 - National Phone Call



uBibliorum | Coleção do C-MADE | Centre of Materials and Building Technologies


Foto Nome + Função Contactos
Imagem d@ João Paulo de Castro Gomes  [Ficheiro Local]
João Paulo de Castro Gomes
Coordenador/a do C-MADE - Center of Materials and Building Technologies
Imagem d@ Miguel Costa Santos Nepomuceno  [Ficheiro Local]
Miguel Costa Santos Nepomuceno
Imagem d@ João Carlos Gonçalves Lanzinha  [Ficheiro Local]
João Carlos Gonçalves Lanzinha
Imagem d@ Cristina Maria Sena Fael  [Ficheiro Local]
Cristina Maria Sena Fael
Não tem Fotografia.
Manuel João Cordeiro Magrinho
Imagem d@ Marisa Sofia Fernandes Dinis de Almeida  [Ficheiro Local]
Marisa Sofia Fernandes Dinis de Almeida
Imagem d@ Hugo Alexandre Silva Pinto  [Ficheiro Local]
Hugo Alexandre Silva Pinto
275 329 726
Não tem Fotografia.
Mónica Sandra Nunes Gabriel
Funcionário/a C-MADE - Center of Materials and Building Technologies
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